We struggle with stretching the Habanero regularly, mostly because when we try to do it he fights us and refuses to relax his feet enough for us to be effective. The doctor recommended we do it at diaper changes, which would be nice and regular but we’ve got a kid that hates to be laid down for a diaper change so most of the time he’s trying to figure out how he can sit up and crawl away. Man, I sure sound like I’m full of excuses don’t I?

We have an appointment scheduled to see one of the top docs in our state for Pediatric Club Foot treatment coming up, and I’m interested to hear what he has to say. For now, I thought it would be helpful to share (and remind myself) of the stretches we are supposed to be doing daily with our little man. We’ve noticed one of his feet seems to turn in a little more than the other and since he’s started walking he stumbles often and gets tripped up by his own feet. Hopefully if we can get into a more regular routine with these he will not have these issues.