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IMG_1411The little guy is pretty bored in his class these days because all of his friends have been moved to other rooms as they all hit their first birthdays. He’s only got 1 friend left who is a couple months younger than he is. I’ve been told he just doesn’t know what to do with himself. Yesterday his teacher said that he crawled back and forth across the room from one end to the other yelling baby talk about 4 times before he finally stopped. He was so loud they were worried he was going to wake up some of the younger sleeping babies. She said, does he do this at home? Yes. Yes he does, all I could do was laugh. We were told recently that he’s scheduled to move to a new classroom on May 2nd, the Pre-Toddler room, just after his birthday. Coincidentally, this is the same time as Teacher Appreciation Week. I am thinking something  like this might be an appropriate parting gift as he moves to another class…


I thought it would be fun to start sharing what my son’s teachers tell me everyday when I pick him up. Yesterday they said that he had wiped a booger on his arm and one of the teachers told the other that it needed to be cleaned up. The other teacher got a tissue, and couldn’t see where it was on him so she asked were it was and the Habanero pointed right at it. During snack time, he tilted his head back so far trying to get milk out of his sippy cup it dripped off his face and puddled behind him. Later in the day the teachers were talking to each other and he refused to let them have a conversation. Every time Ms. J would talk, he wouldn’t make a peep, but as soon as the Mrs. M would respond he would cough so loudly that eventually the teachers gave up on having a conversation because they couldn’t hear each other over his coughing! He has started pointing at things and squealing when he wants to touch them.